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What is Cosmic Education?

Maria Montessori looked to the child to inform the method of education. While the 3-6 year old is endowed the Absorbent Mind, the Elementary-aged child has unique capabilities for imagination. Dr. Montessori saw a unique opportunity to offer “the child the story of the universe,” giving the child something “more infinite and mysterious to reconstruct with his imagination, a drama no fable can reveal.”

At this stage, it is possible to “sow the seeds of the sciences” by “giving an idea of all the sciences, not in precise detail but only as an impression.” Once these impressions are built, we show then the branches of science; examining the detail to “trigger the study of the whole.” Montessori, Maria. (1973).

Many students in the Elementary class frequently choose research reports. Through the animal or element reports, the child is examining “a detail” that is connected to a branch of scientific studies. The connection between the sciences is like “a tapestry; each detail is a piece of embroidery; the whole constitutes a magnificent cloth” Montessori, Maria. (1973).

Cosmic Education is a fascinating, developmentally- based, enriched approach to learning. Be sure to join us in January at our Student Showcase where attendees will experience on Cosmic Education: From Galaxies to Atoms. This event will highlight many of the activities students pursue in connection to the Great Lessons.

Crab Nebula-- a birthplace of stars

Montessori, Maria. (1973) From childhood to adolescence. New York: Schoken Books.

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