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A child-centered community... Welcome to your village!





When your child or children join us for classes, they start that journey of becoming unique, thoughtful individuals and lifelong learners. Here, your child can;

  • Build confidence, autonomy,
    independence, and concentration through Montessori materials specially designed for how children learn and develop best

  • Learn through discovery in an environment tailored to meet your child’s needs

  • Develop resilience and conflict resolution skills when challenges arise Using hands-on skill building for school and home

  • Thrive in a community that fosters positive and courteous social interaction

Your child has what are called “sensitive periods” for developing specific skills and knowledge. The Montessori approach takes advantage of these sensitive periods, so learning is a pleasure—not a struggle. This time-tested method is all about customizing education, so your child gets what he or she needs at the right time when they need it. Montessori does not sacrifice creativity and individualization to get results. In fact, it’s by keeping creativity and catering to individual children’s needs that Montessori is able to get such extraordinary results.


Nurture your child’s spirit and ignite a love of learning. Visit Midlothian Montessori today.

What to look for in

a Montessori classroom

The environment in a Montessori classroom is very deliberately prepared to provide the tools and the atmosphere for learning. At Midlothian Montessori, we implement the proven methods and the time-tested materials Maria Montessori first introduced over a hundred years ago. The features of an authentic Montessori program include:

  • Everyday living activities. These kinds of activities are the cornerstone of a Montessori classroom. They include basic activities, such as washing and pouring, and also more complex activities, such as caring for animals. In the elementary years, this includes field trips for “going out” into the world.

  • A global perspective. Respect for the greater world is woven throughout the classroom. When you walk into the classroom, you will see world flags, maps, and representations of people, environments, and animals from different continents and biomes.

  • Multi-sensory learning. Materials in the classroom engage all the senses, which fosters the development of multiple intelligences.  

  • A language-rich environment. Many of the specialized materials we use, such as the Sandpaper Letters and Metal Insets, are used to develop communication and literacy skills, further enhancing language development.

  • Concrete math materials. Montessori is famous for “concrete” math materials. Each material is specifically designed to help your child work with an important foundational math concept in a hands-on way, whether it is counting beads and matching them to the numerals 1-10 or using the decimal checkerboard for multiplication.


Come to a parent development seminar or a workshop to discover more about the curriculum!















Montessori classrooms are mixed aged classrooms. The age divisions developmentally based. As your child moves through the program, they will gain from working with younger and older students. Primary or Early Childhood is from 2 ½ to 6 years and includes the Kindergarten Year. Lower and Upper Elementary covers from 6-12 years old, which translates to Grades 1-5. Adolescent programs are for ages 12 and up. Each stage is a 3-year cycle; therefore, we always encourage student in the Primary program to stay through Kindergarten, allowing them to have that capstone experience.

Play is your child’s work. We call all the activities “work” because it shows respect and value to the fact that your child is constructing herself.

The prepared environment is organized and as peaceful as possible—like a buzzing beehive of purposeful activity. The furniture and shelves are at your child’s level. The materials, often wooden and natural, invite your child to repeat activities to gain mastery.

Freedom with limits is the hallmark of Montessori. Your child may choose the work they want to do, as long as they demonstrate respect for themselves, their peers, and the classroom environment. We utilize redirection and positive discipline strategies when needed.

Montessori classrooms often incorporate nature experiences, specials like foreign language, sports, and music. However, these special offerings should not interrupt the work cycle- the daily uninterrupted block of time that the students can choose learning activities.

Preschool Teacher and Students



In our learning community, we emphasize teacher preparedness and continuing education.

Our lead teachers are credentialed Montessori teachers. In addition to in-house development, we also engage with other professional organizations and attend annual conferences.

We offer workshops, lectures, a book club and discussion group, and other ways for adults to deepen their understanding of child development and brain-based learning strategies.

Our school, located on Courthouse Road, was built specifically to host a Montessori classroom.

Within our four-acre campus that includes orchard trees, play areas, and child-friendly gardens, your child can experience a love of nature and build self-regulation skills fostered through outdoor play.

Watercolor Paints
Colorful yarn
Intwined Ribbons
Colorful Chalks


"It's the best place in Chesterfield for education! I love how the school is not just for the elite, but for people who want their children to be a true citizen of the world."

September 5, 2013

"Wonderfully small school with caring and student focused teachers and staff. A place my child is becoming an individual in a big way."

Golden Buckeye

January 28, 2015


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